BUQI Energy Healing System

BUQI is a therapy that works without touch, using energy forces to help move and clear the energy in your body.

To receive a treatment, you can lie down, or if appropriate, sit on a chair or even stand up. You are fully clothed and the therapist works, mainly without touching and sometimes from quite a distance, to connect with and then move the energy in your body.

The aim is to create more harmony and balance in your body/mind/emotions by expelling old, stagnant or unhealthy energy that may have become lodged in one of the energy pathways, or in joints, organs, etc.

Sometimes past traumas, whether physical or emotional, lead to a blockage that needs clearing. Sometimes there may be a constriction due to the spine being out of alignment. Life can result in imbalances in the body that block the free flow of energy, which underpins our vitality – and BUQI is a therapy that addresses this directly. The therapist will not only help to remove energy that needs clearing, but can then also help to promote the flow of positive, vital energy; give advice on what can keep this flowing well in future, and if appropriate, prescribe exercises that can be used to continue the process at home.

“You provided a really safe and nurturing space” – Su Orosa, counsellor

Hilary Thompson

Hilary has trained in the BUQI treatment method for 20 years and been practising in Brighton since 2002. She worked with the founder of BUQI, Dr Shen Hongxun, for 15 years.

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Day By Appointment
Time By Appointment
Duration 60 min.
Venue Purple Turtle Wellbeing, Old Slipper Baths, Barrack Yard, North Road BN1 1YA
Topic BUQI Energy Healing System
Cost £45 – OFFER: Get a free class voucher (worth £10) when you book a treatment. You can use this to get a free drop-in class, or towards a private lesson (standard price is £35.)
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Purple Turtle Wellbeing
Barrack Yard, North Road
Brighton, East Sussex