Early Morning Ashtanga Yoga and self practice space

EARLY MORNING 6.50am to 8.15 am MONDAYS


(adjustments from teacher available)

Practising Ashtanga or Hatha in the early morning on an empty stomach is the best time. Ayurveda, the ancient study of health in holistic relation to the seasons of life and body and the natural world identifies 1 hour before sunrise. The Ashtanga series I sequence (which I always modify to include all levels in a class) is a total cleansing for the body and mind, balancing both hemispheres of the brain and stretching and strengthening all the muscle groups, developing support for all joints by encouraging flexibility and correct postural alignment for the body. Breath work increases cardiovascular function, heart and lungs are strengthened and aids cleansing through maximum optimising of oxygen. The digestive track is stimulated and cleansed. All excretory systems are optimised leaving you feeling energised and relaxed. Mentally and physically this is a wonderful practice. I give a small head massage to all students at the end of each class. We warm up, work out and cool down in every class.

Annie Sherburne

Yoga Alliance charter level 2. 650 hours training, 4000 hours teaching. Specialises in Ashtanga, Rocket Hatha, Restorative, Pranayama, Kids and chanting

Facebook: @gogoyoga
Drop in & pay on the day

Day Tuesdays
Time 7am – 8.15am.
Please arrive 10 mins before class to sign in and get settled.
Duration 75 min.
Venue Purple Turtle Wellbeing, Old Slipper Baths, Barrack Yard, North Road BN1 1YA
Topic Early morning ashtanga Yoga
Cost £10 per class drop in, 6th class free
£5 concessions
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Purple Turtle Wellbeing
Barrack Yard, North Road
Brighton, East Sussex