Introduction to BUQI : Energy Exercises for Health

The BUQI (pron. ‘boo-chee’) system is a comprehensive healing system based primarily in energy work. This course is an introduction to the self-healing exercises which are known as Taijiwuxigong (‘tie-jee-woo-she-gong’). Although not easy to pronounce, they are very effective for improving and maintaining health – and a lot of fun too!

This course will introduce you to the basic principles of how to work with your energy to support your health. We’ll look at the role of three key aspects: the body posture, both in the exercises and in daily life; the breath, whether silent or with sound, and the mind, whether focussed and directed or relaxed and empty.

Benefits include flexibility, balance and overall wellbeing. People often say they feeling lighter and taller, as well as calm and relaxed. With practise, you can learn to feel and move the energy in the body, and this is a powerful way to rebalance and heal many issues.

The method itself is simple enough – using your body, breath and mind, you align yourself with the ‘forces of Heaven and Earth’ and this gets the energy moving through your body. What happens then is a natural release of stuck, stagnant and unhealthy energy, which if stored in the body, undermines the balance required for optimum physical, emotional and mental health.

Therapists also often like these exercises, as it helps them to keep their own energy clear and strong to support their work with clients.

“I found the beginners’ course really uplifting. The teaching was excellent and I was impressed at how committed our tutor was to answering questions and assisting us not just in class but throughout the week. Some of the exercises had beneficial effects for my flexibility and general wellbeing that I never would have expected before joining. All in all A*.” – JT

“Immense healing and realignment. It’s the only effective method that I’ve found to really clear the energy field and awaken the natural radiance of being. It’s not only that the system works so effectively, it’s also your presence. You bring such joy and lightness to the practice.” – EM

Hilary Thompson

Hilary has been teaching these exercises and giving 1:1 healing sessions in Brighton since 2002, and practising since 1997. She worked with the founder of the BUQI Energy Healing System, Dr Shen Hongxun, for 15 years and continues to work with his daughter, Master Shen Jin.

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Day Monday 6th November – Course starts for 5 weeks
Time 10am – 11am
Duration 60 min.
Venue Purple Turtle Wellbeing, Old Slipper Baths, Barrack Yard, North Road BN1 1YA
Topic Introduction to BUQI
Cost £40 for the 5 week course (Can email to pay via BACS or bring cash to 1st class)

OFFER: Book for the course and get a £10 voucher for a private lesson (full price £35) or BUQI healing session (£45).

Once you have paid for the course, you can use the voucher as soon as you like, if you would like to have your initial session before the course starts.

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